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Made with organic Australian Hemp, Carrot, Rosehip and Castor oils + flowers of Calendula, Chamomile and Arnica + butters of Moringa, Cocoa and Shea.

Suitable for the most sensitive skin - even pregnant bellies and baby bottoms.

Apply as needed to lips, hands, nipples, bruises, dry skin anywhere on the face or body to soothe, nourish and heal. Will melt into skin on application, forming a protective barrier. Vegan suitable with no beeswax used. 

This balm was lovingly created by Theme Rains, our founder, during her own pregnancy to use as a Belly Butter (to prevent all scarring (thanks Rosehip!) and create comfort and elasticity to her expanding sides with Moringa, Shea*, and Cocoa butter). It then evolved into a multi-purpose balm for dry needy areas all over the face and body (even as a hair mask), confidently applied in full knowledge it is 100% pregnancy safe and certified organic. The choice to go without the use of any essential oils makes it suitable for all stages of pregnancy and for even the most sensitive of skin. As such there is no ‘fragrance’;  simply the yummy natural aroma of the butters with a hint of Vanilla bean. 

Once her baby was born, the Wonderbalm was put to use to heal aching areas after the birth (thanks to the Arnica and Chamomile Flowers) and then as a soothing baby bottom balm (thanks to the Calendula Flowers and Hemp) and healing nipple balm (thanks to the Castor and Hemp). These days Wonderbalm continues its usefulness as bumps and bruises salve her little boy's navigation of the harder edges of life. It is also a rich hand and face balm for the cooler, drier months, and a great lip balm all year around. 

Size: 40g