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Free shipping within Australia for all orders over $99 AUD

WILD WOUD Perfume Hand & Body Cream

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Help moisturise and firm your skin with this scented hand and body cream, fortified with organic oils and butters to combat dry skin and deeply nourish without leaving a greasy residue.


A rich, complex and unforgettable fragrance that evokes mystery with deep woody resins cloaked in fresh Eastern spices. This proprietary blend is known to have aphrodisiac qualities, help stimulate intuition, elevate moods and create deep peace.

Mood Enhancing: ‘Self Worth & Inner Strength’

TOP | Bergamot, Holy Basil

MIDDLE | Elemi, Cardamom, Black Pepper

BASE | Cedarwood, Oak Moss, Tobacco Leaf, Sandalwood, Dark Patchouli, Agarwood/Oud, Vetiver

The mood enhancing qualities of Wild Woud are known to provide a sense of self-worth & identity, inspire strength and can deepen a sense of personal awareness. It helps promote inner peace and balance and increases positive feelings, soothes tightened emotions and energises and uplifts the mind. This is an extremely restorative and grounding mood enhancer.

Aromatherapy is a holistic healing treatment that uses natural plant extracts to promote health and well-being. Sometimes it's called essential oil therapy. Aromatherapy uses aromatic essential oils medicinally to improve the health of the body, mind, and spirit. It enhances both physical and emotional health.

At Vanessa Megan we have been using traditional aromatherapy modalities for the past two decades to help boost and enhance a positive mood.

Size: 50ml