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Tactical Tongue Scraper

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Banish bad breath and optimize your oral ecosystem with the Living Libations Tactical Tongue Scraper.

This spoon-style Tongue Scraper is easy to hold and easy to use with just one hand. The 100% stainless steel scraper is strong, rust-proof, and easy to sterilize. The rounded edges gently and effectively remove bacteria, food remnants, and soft plaque, leaving behind a clean, pink tongue and a fresh oral oasis.

The mighty tongue is one of the most overlooked organs in the body. The simple process of tongue scraping is an ancient Ayurvedic oral care practice that clears the mouth of unwanted bacteria and build-up that contributes to an imbalanced oral ecology. Tongue scraping is the most effective way to remove the bacteria that cause bad breath and periodontal issues. It also enhances taste bud performance and sensitivity. Once freed to function optimally, each taste bud can receive strong flavour signals from food.

This unique spoon-style Tongue Scraper tool is ergonomically designed to fit nicely in the hand, and at only 5 inches tall, it is small enough to be stashed in your cosmetics case or travel bag.

How to Clean the Tongue
Grasp the handle and place the spoon-shaped tongue scraper on the back of the tongue. Pull the scraper from back to front, allowing the edge to gently scrape off the coating of the tongue. Rinse the cleaner and repeat scraping until the tongue is clear of film.

How to Clean the Tongue Scraper
Use soap and warm water to clean the Tongue Scraper after each use. Once in a while it can be further sanitized with a dip in boiling water.