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Nourish Shampoo

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A decadent, moisture-infusion shampoo for dryer scalps and thirsty hair. 

This shampoo takes nourishment seriously with a potent hydrating blend of aloe vera, vitamin-infused water, and antioxidant-packed plant oils. A bio-structured herbal complex channels phytonutrients directly to the hair follicle, helping to encourage scalp stimulation and fortify the scalp surface. NOURISH shampoo restores scalp balance by recalibrating the surface pH, calming irritation, and leaving a delicate protective layer of moisture to revive hair shine and softness. 

NOURISH is your shampoo if you experience excess oil on your scalp around 3-6 days after shampooing. Delivers exceptional results for all hair textures and types. Safe for colour-treated hair. 

Formulated without silicones or quaternary ammonium compounds.

Divide scalp into four areas - top, sides, and back. Apply a small amount to each area. Massage in thoroughly. Add more water during the massage to help distribute suds if needed. Leave in 1-3 minutes, allowing micronutrients to stimulate follicle circulation and nourish the scalp. Rinse and repeat if necessary. 


- Adding water while massaging shampoo through the hair helps disperse the product for an effective cleanse.

- If your house water is hard, containing high calcium and magnesium mineral content, it can affect the performance of your natural shampoo and conditioner. Heavy minerals build up and affect natural conditioners ability to soften and penetrate. The minerals in hard water decrease lathering capabilities, this is why:

Hard water contains an adversary to natural soaps - calcium. Calcium has a strong positive charge. Soap molecules are negatively charged and when they come in contact with positively-charged calcium the two bond together, with no charge at all.  This greatly reduces the ability of the soap to remove dirt and oil. 

Size: 240ml