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Free shipping within Australia for all orders over $99 AUD

Natural AHAs Serum Water

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Natural Alpha-Hydroxy Acids Serum Water is an all active filler free AHA formulation that effectively exfoliates and resurfaces uneven skin tone and dry patches while respecting sensitive skin. A combination of natural fruit extracts, AHA’s improve skin texture and tone, help smooth fine lines and remove dead skin cells. AHA’s increase skin cell turnover helping to shed damaged skin cells, resurfacing the skin. They are used as a substitute for manual (scrub) exfoliation to address flaking and are effective for resurfacing skin that has scarring and blemishes.

If you’re new to Acids or have sensitive skin we recommend starting slow with once a week use and gradually moving up. You will still see significant results and all the benefits of AHA’s while caring for sensitive skin.

Our Serum Waters are active only waters formulated and focused on highly effective underrated powerful actives that are The Key to healthy skin.

• Exfoliate and Resurface
• Uneven Skin Tone
• Rapidly Remove Dry Skin
• Smooth Skin and Dry patches
• Fine Lines and Antiaging

AHAs are acids, mild stinging and redness can be experienced and is normal. You can pair this formula with our Allantoin Serum Water to soothe pre and post treatment. If you have sensitive skin we recommend starting with a 10min application then rinse follow with Allantoin Serum Water. For exceptionally sensitive skin in lieu try our Amino Sugars Serum Water.
1.69 fl.oz. | 50 ml