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Eye and Lip Definer

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Color: Petunia

Our Eye and Lip Definer is a high-pigmented, creamy, blendable multifunctional pencil. Lasting all day, it’s a versatile tool for creating an endless variety of looks. Formulated with the perfect balance of oils and waxes, this creamy formula glides on effortlessly, and blends easily onto the eyes and lips to impart a flush of colour. It provides a buildable colour pay-off and matte finish.

Petunia - is a black shade with hints of dark charcoal. This colour offers versatility and colouristic depth in equal measure, allowing you to easily create everything from a smudgy, all-out smoky eye to more defined and sharp appearances. Whether smudgy and disaffected or strong and defined, it transforms the entire face, creating the desired effect. Suitable for the delicate eye area including your waterline.

Criollo - calls to mind ripening Brazilian cocoa beans in the stage of acquiring their rich, yet soft brown hue. It is a multi-purpose shade that can be used as a canvas to create a range of stunning looks, from the softly warm to the defined eyes without making them look made up. Create a neutral brown or the the 90`s contoured lip together with All over colour Kobicha. Flattering for all skin tones, Criollo brings out your gold and bronze undertones. Suitable for the delicate eye area including your waterline.

Yubari - is a neutral medium brown shade with hints of mauve that can take your look in a multitude of directions. Inspired by the leaves of the flower Iris Germanica, Yubari is easy to use and the colour is perfect for creating striking, minimal looks with just a touch to the eye and lip. Suitable for the delicate eye area including your waterline.

Yokan - is a dusty brownish pink shade with cold undertones inspired by the captivating hue of Tricolor beech leaves. It is designed to give your appearance a touch of wintry rosy allure. Yokan looks mesmerizingly fresh on the eye and lip no matter the season. Use it on the lip to accentuate your cupid's bow, or overdraw your lip line for a plumper, fuller shape. Works great together with our All over colour Duras. For usage on the eye, draw lightly to naturally define your eye’s shape.

Spinoso - is a soft dusty rose shade taking its colour cues from young rose petals. It is designed to reveal the depth and versatility of this elegantly understated yet highly usable colour. Flattering to all skin tones, Spinoso gives your eyes and lips a fresh-faced appeal. Use it on both for a charmingly minimal monochromatic look. Works wonderful together with our All over colour Etruscan or Furusato.

Castel - is a universally flattering colour is a multi-use berry shade that takes its cue from the rich tint of Urmia red cherries with the ability to change your look dramatically. It can instantly provide intense and defined colour pay-offs or soft and romantic appearances. Castel is a perfect shade for all seasons, capable of adding a neutral touch for deeper skin tones and a pinch of subtle drama on a night out for fair to light skin tones. Use it on its own or together with our All over Damaskino or Alizarin.

Macao - is a vibrant red that gives the lip a plump, full shape. This classic red shade takes its cues from the plumage of the South American scarlet macaw, native to Central and South America. Flattering to all skin tones, it adds a little bit of extra impact and panache worn on its own on lips or together with All over colour Ikura. Add a bit of All over shine on top for a high gloss finish.