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Free shipping within Australia for all orders over $99 AUD

DAILY SUPERGREENS Inner Beauty Support

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A supercharged serving of green goodness for everyday wellbeing.

Greens with a tropical twist. Enliven your everyday with our pineapple-flavoured supergreens powder. A revitalising formula to aid fat metabolism, liver function and support the body’s natural cleansing process. Provides a daily source of fibre, while digestive enzymes, prebiotics and probiotics support a healthy belly.

Storage: Refrigerate after opening. Always use a dry spoon and use within 60 days of opening. 

Formulated Supplementary Sports Food. This product must not be used as a sole source of nutrition and should be consumed in conjunction with a nutritious diet and an appropriate physical training or exercise program. Not suitable for children under 15 years or pregnant women without medical or dietetic supervision. 

BANANA STARCH - Grown in North Queensland, this resistant starch is made using cosmetically “imperfect” bananas, saving them from landfill where they would otherwise end up. It acts as a prebiotic to feed the beneficial bacteria in your gut, contributing to healthy digestion, as well as a source of fibre, to help keep you regular.

CHOLINE - Found in foods like eggs and beef, this essential nutrient—meaning our bodies don’t produce it naturally so it must be obtained from our diet—aids liver function and fat metabolism.

CERTIFIED ORGANIC GREENS - Broccoli sprout, barley grass, spinach, kale and spirulina help the body realign, combat sluggishness after times of excess and support your greens intake.

PREBIOTICS, PROBIOTICS & POSTBIOTICS - Supercharged using our exclusive Flora Culture™ bio-fermentation process, DAILY SUPERGREENS contains a natural broad-spectrum probiotic and postbiotics to support digestive health.

LACTOBACILLUS RHAMNOSUS GUT5Y™ - Our exclusive probiotic strain which has been shown to support digestive wellbeing.