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Free shipping within Australia for all orders over $99 AUD


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 Active Peptide Mist

Hydration while minimizing redness and calming the skin, getting it ready as a canvas.

With our Mists we took a different approach and focused on creating concentrated Peptide formulations to create a pure  active Peptide Mist. So as you use the formula you’re working with actives that are focused to deliver meaningful results.

Canvas can be used with any active and can be applied throughout the day with makeup and without. It is especially beneficial if you experience redness and flares throughout your day.

Texture: Water like. Weightless and is completely absorbed by the skin.


Skin Dullness . Calm . Redness . Supporting Supple Healthy Radiance 

• Soothing Redness and Flushing
• Skin Suppleness and Replenishment 
• Replenishing Hydration 

Hold at arms length or approximately 8-10 inches away from face, close your eyes and distribute 3-4 pumps onto face and neck until skin is moist but not dripping. Continue with the rest of your routine.

Size: 100 ml