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Active Balm

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A multi-purpose balm created with the intention to restore a feeling of ease in your body.

Rich in anti-inflammatory, warming, and cooling botanicals to aid the release of aching muscles, joints, bruises and build up of stress and tension.

Key Ingredients

Arnica Infused Oil: Helps heal bruises, sprains, sore feet and muscle pain

Kunzea: Soothes muscles aches, joint and tendon pain.

Wintergreen: Helps relieve pain and induce relaxation and helps heal insect bites.

Helichrysum (Immortelle): Regenerates irritated skins and assists healing of scars and acne.

Comfrey Infused Oil: Heals wounds, prevents scarring and helps reduce visibility of scarring and moisturises the skin.

Ginger Root: Potent anti-inflammatory easing arthritis, aggressive coughs, muscle tension and heartburn.

Lemongrass: Antifungal properties and helps relieve tired and sore muscles

Eucalyptus: Decongests the body of bacteria and alleviates infections, viruses, sinus issues and asthma.

Australian Sandalwood: Eases tensions and relaxes the body and mind to help balance and uplift.

Peppermint: Refreshes the mind to relieve stress, mental exhaustion and anxiety while stimulating the brain to increase focus

Marjoram: Calms the nervous system and promotes a feeling of positivity and joy.

Lavender: Antiseptic, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties to treat flus, viruses, insect bites, wounds and dermatitis.


- Relieves sore muscles and joints.

- Anti-inflammatory action easing arthritis, aggressive coughs and heartburn.

- Decongests body of bacteria and alleviates infections, viruses and asthma.

- Relieves headaches, stress and mental exhaustion by promoting deep relaxation.

- Relieves headaches, stress and mental exhaustion by promoting deep relaxation and feelings of joy.

Sie: 40g

Note - the Shea Butter occasionally forms little grainy lumps as it cools or warms and re-cools in transport. These simply melt into the skin on application and do not compromise the efficacy of the product at all. They can just look a little strange. We decided to allow these natural variations and keep the product 100% pure and Vegan, rather than adding synthetic stabilisers or beeswax. We love our Active balm and hope you do too.