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Winter Skin Trends

Winter Skin Trends

Even if you’re lucky enough to live somewhere in the sunny Land of Oz, winter still finds a way to affect your skin. If you already know your skin and its tendency to go nuts as soon as days become shorter and colder, it’s best to prepare your complexion for the upcoming winter chill with the right changes to your everyday routine!


Amp up your moisturizer

This step is particularly important for ladies with skin that is dry all year, and the dreary winter weather may just be the final drop to lead to premature wrinkles and too much irritation to ward off. Even though you’ve had your fair share of moisturisers for the summer heat, your winter choice should be both nourishing and protective – because there’s still lots of sun to worry about, especially if you live in coastal Sydney! For example, the lovely Josh Rosebrook day cream with built-in SPF, packed with rich oils such as almond and jojoba oil, as well as soothing aloe vera, and zinc oxide for sun-safety. In case you need something even denser with moisture, there are various butter-based creams ideal for your winter adventures. 


Aim for more beauty sleep

If there ever was a brilliant excuse to add a few extra hours to your nightly Zzz’s, then this is your opportunity to justify your winter hibernation! Nothing can compare to the damage done by stress, or more specifically, cortisol, which builds up when you don’t provide your body enough shut-eye. Regular, consistent, quality sleep is essential to keeping that winter dull at bay, so start creating your perfect sweet dreams schedule that you’ll religiously follow in the upcoming months. You can further beautify your sleep with the help of a nourishing oil, but make sure that the choice fits your skin first, as some may cause irritation. Great picks include rosehip and argan oil, so be generous to your skin!


Tackle those pesky beauty issues

Although this time of year does come with its set of challenges, winter is also a great time to handle all those summer problems that you have to postpone due to sun exposure. Some of us struggle with scars, birthmarks, or rosacea, all of which can be quite a burden for our confidence, and yet you cannot treat them during the hot summer months. In case you’re having trouble with a skin issue such as acne, or you simply wish to get rid of excess hair to get ready for beach season without worrying about the harmful effects of the sun, you can head to a skin clinic and check out their impeccable laser treatments. They come in various forms, from rejuvenating, to healing, so make sure to consult the professionals before you take your pick.


Nourish from within

You can do your best to treat your skin to the best products available, but nothing can come close to the powerful effects of your diet on your beauty! Both your immune system, which will be under attack from those pesky winter viruses and bacteria, and your skin health are heavily dependent on your daily menu, so make sure you fill it with nutritious bites that keep your skin resilient and hydrated. Include greens such as broccoli and spinach for their vitamin C and other micronutrient content, which are perfect for keeping those premature signs of ageing at bay, but also for nourishing your skin. Do your best to increase your tea intake, as this is your herbal source of caffeine, which is known to help prevent and minimize UV ray damage. And don’t forget your essential fatty acids which reduce inflammation to keep your skin strong.


Pick multipurpose items

The fact that you should rethink your daily skin care routine doesn’t mean that it needs to become all the more complicated or time-consuming. In fact, you can simplify the process by introducing products that can be used for a wide variety of purposes, from keeping your lips safe from chapping, all the way to giving your skin a hydrating boost when you need it most. A great example of an item that can tackle a whole set of skin troubles in a single go is the famous Babe Balm that can be used for your entire body, serve as a moisturizer, lip balm, and a cleanser. Its all-natural content and cruelty-free label make it all the more appealing for your next beauty shopping spree, and a winter-perfect pick for cherishing your complexion. Let your skin bloom even in the middle of winter with a handful of practical beauty products and a few careful lifestyle choices. When combined, they will become your favorite care blend that your skin will love!    Written by Diana Wills -
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