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Free shipping within Australia for all orders over $99 AUD


You guys have been advocates of clean beauty for a long while through your brand Clean Beauty Co, what inspired the switch to clean beauty?

The inspiration behind our switch to clean beauty was a natural extension of what we were already doing with our foods. We were straying away from processed foods, and attempting to understand how food powered our bodies.  We cared so much about what went in our bodies, but didn’t bother to look twice on what went on our bodies. We soon realised we were paying a ludicrous amount of money on skincare that was filled with ingredients that weren’t so good for us and they were just not worth it. So, we made the switch and that’s how Clean Beauty Co was born.


Any advice for people wanting to make the switch to clean but who are not sure where to start?

We get asked this question quite often, especially since people are quite apprehensive  when it comes to the big switch!  We always say it’s best to begin with products that cover the largest part of our bodies. We suggest products such as lotions, oils or butters, then move on to deodorants until you get to the face area. Don’t switch everything at once: it’s expensive but also you may have new sensitivities against certain ingredients and it will be difficult to pinpoint what might be the cause if you’re using 10 new products all with different active ingredients!


What inspired you to create your skincare line BYBI?

BYBI is the sister brand of Clean Beauty Co. We received amazing feedback regarding our DIY recipes in our editorial platform, and felt inspired that through our formulation skills and testing of so many natural beauty products, we had identified a gap in the market.


What are your go-to daily products from your range?

Dominika: Every single one! I cleanse with Prime Time 3x a week and spritz Mega Mist as soon as I’m out of the shower. If it’s morning I’ll mix in Supercharge Serum with my moisturiser, and at night I wear Supercharge Serum on its own. Elsie:  Definitely Mega Mist, I spritz it throughout the day,  especially in the office because the air conditioner is on so it gives my skin a drink.


How have you found the BYBI journey so far?

The BYBI journey thus far has been incredibly hectic yet amazing! We never thought we’d be this busy, but we have a team now and it’s so fun coming into work every day.


What do you guys get up to when you’re not immersed in all things Clean Beauty?!

We’re not going to lie, it’s a little hard not to keep ourselves updated with Clean Beauty Co and BYBI, they’re literally our babies. However, when we get the chance we love to go for a hot yoga sesh to detox the London grime; as well as surround ourselves with loved ones when we get the chance.


What can we expect next from Clean Beauty Co/the BYBI range?

We’ve recently finished the new BYBI website, so Clean Beauty Co will be our editorial platform and BYBI will now stand on its own. Regarding the BYBI’ll need to stay tuned for upcoming releases! We have a resurfacing masks, three types of cleansers and a lip balm / lip scrub duo which is to die for! Interview with Dominika + Elsie by Erin Norden (Clean Beauty Market Founder)   BYBI products are available exclusively in Australia at the Clean Beauty Market retail and online store.


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