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Free shipping within Australia for all orders over $99 AUD

L Elixer De Purete, Prestige Edition ,(Oxygenating & Anti-Pollution Serum)

Original price $294.95 - Original price $294.95
Original price $294.95
$294.95 - $294.95
Current price $294.95
  • Concentrated multi-functional serum (for anti-aging, anti-pollution, purifying, brightening, firming)
  • Oxygen boosting serum
  • Helps to firm skin
  • Fights against oxidation and inflammation caused by pollutants
  • Diminishes wrinkle depth
  • Assists in accelerating skin healing
  • Suitable for Mature, Dry, Dehydrated, Oily, Acne prone, Congested, Acne scars, People living in urban cities.

Discover L’Élixir de Pureté, Sang Du Dragon. The new Prestige Edition, a celebration of excellence. This product delivers a combination of thoughtful product formulation, high-end, research backed ingredients and visible results. It addresses specific concerns in today’s modern world such as anti-pollution, dullness, skin tone, hydration, skin defence and minimise the appearance of wrinkles and ageing. This innovative, all-natural, plants-based serum is packed with high-performance active ingredients that provide multi-targeted benefits and increase moisture.

A soft, lightweight water-based serum filled with a special combination of ingredients that protect against pollutants and promote skin oxygenation for a fresher complexion and more invigorated skin.

It has a base of bamboo water and highly concentrated aloe vera extraction (not the standard aloe vera) which provides unparalleled levels of minerals and nutrient rich molecules that revitalise skin. This exceptional serum features a special combination of evidence-based actives such as organic beech tree bud extract (oxygenating + youth preserving active), birch wood extract, vegetable ceramides and beta glucan (increase moisture), prebiotics (barrier protection against pollutants), and higher amounts of dragon’s blood resin extract, willow bark extract and increased concentration of vitamin C. This formula is designed for people seeking more advanced anti-ageing treatments with clinical actives.

The main difference with the current white label? The new red label has a gel-like consistency for a more slippery feel that is very pleasing to use revealing instantly soft skin.

The red label has a more intense concentration of active ingredients than the white label. It has new actives that effectively address anti-pollution, oxygenation, anti-aging and strengthen skin defense.

This highly hydrating serum is a real breath of fresh air, offering all the benefits of many serums, all-in-one. It clarifies, protects, provides anti-aging benefits and helps oxygenate the skin. The skin breathes again. Experience your new precious and see radiant skin.