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Free shipping within Australia for all orders over $99 AUD

Eco Dermaroller

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Need a *quick* pick-me-up?

Rediscover the youthful glow with the 1mm derma roller!

Designed for sensitive skin, this 1mm roller is a simple, safe and affordable skin perfecting device that is clinically proven to deliver real results NATURALLY by inducing collagen and elastin production in the treated areas and thus making your skin look smoother, more youthful and radiant.

Fast Facts:

♡ Medical grade gold titanium needles
♡ Virtually painless, suited to sensitive skin
♡ Scientifically proven to boost your skins own collagen production by up to 400%
♡ Maximises your skincare product absorption by up to 80%
When using the dermaroller, the micro-needles create tiny channels in your skin allowing for deeper product penetration, meaning your skincare works way harder. Additionally,  needling stimulates regrowth, while firming and lifting facial tissue.

Bottom line; your skin will be left looking brighter, tighter, and rejuvenated!