Clean Beauty Market Beginnings

I get a lot of questions on how I came about opening a clean beauty store, and what the whole process was and is like! So, I thought I would  share with you guys a little bit about what it’s been like so far, the up and downs, the challenges, the unexpected discoveries and all the ins and outs!

The Journey So Far

If you had of asked me 5 years ago what I’d be doing, never in a million years would I think that I would have actually gone and followed this big and seemingly impossible dream to open an actual real store with all these incredible clean brands. With a lot of support and guidance, particularly around the operations side of things, I was able to put the idea into action. I’m so glad I did as is always the case with most dreams, they persistently keep creeping into the forefront of your mind as time goes on if they aren’t actioned!

Like many new ventures, it has been much more intensive, costly and time consuming then I ever could have imagined (insert crying smiling emoji now!) but it has also been much more rewarding and joyful too. Helping people make important changes to their beauty and in turn their health is something that goes beyond just opening a retail shop. Even though it’s “just” beauty, it can lead to real change in people’s lives and the reward in that is probably something I underestimated. When someone finds a product that restores healthy skin after years of having issues with products, the newfound confidence and happiness that comes from this is really great to see – it is not just a superficial change on the outside but a change on the inside, as well as the additional long-term health benefits of choosing cleaner options.

The Challenges

When you start a new business venture, you put yourself out there for scrutiny. Everyone has an opinion on you, what you need to do or what you have in your store, what the shop looks like and what your intentions are. So far the feedback has been very positive (yay!). Some people haven’t heard of our brands which is actually great as it gives us an opportunity to show people how and why they are so great and why we chose them. On the other hand, some people have been waiting for these brands to become available in a retail brick-and-mortar store here in Australia. I’ve been asked occasionally why we don’t have many Aussie brands (we have 4 at the moment) and our stance on this is we love ethical clean beauty brands no matter where they come from, our criteria are – clean, ethical, quality and active ingredients, outstanding performance and of course, whether the brand is a complimentary fit with our store and the other brands we carry.

The Highlights

Watching the store grow each week and people coming back to buy from us again because they’ve had a positive experience. Watching the word-of-mouth thing really do it’s thing! I also love blowing clean beauty myths apart and helping people find products they really love and which outperform their existing ones has been pretty great.

Our Gold Coast community – the people, and even the press have been really excited and supportive and that has been appreciated.

Unexpected Discoveries

I knew this already but nothing like opening a shop and scrutinising ingredients all the time to discover that not all green beauty is as it seems.  I have been at times quite shocked at what brands or stores marketing themselves as natural and ethical have chosen to include in their product or stock in their store ingredient-wise. Here is where I confess to where I have been a little naive (but have now completely learned my lesson!) – looking at stocking brands thinking they must be clean because it is in another natural beauty store or it makes claims of being safe to use only to discover when looking at the ingredients that it is far from it. On the positive side, it has made me even more diligent and aware of making my own independent decisions about brands and products to ensure I maintain the trust of my customers. Now and always, any brand that joins our family (and we have more coming in the New Year – watch this space!) will be so super clean and it is my mission to remain committed to bringing you truly safe products.

I hope that you enjoyed me sharing a bit of this journey with you. We are so super grateful for the love and support we have received since our birthday back in September. Clean Beauty Market is my own unique vision of what I wanted in a clean beauty store and I hope you like it too.

I welcome feedback of all kinds anytime. Send me an email, pop in or give me a ring!

Erin xx

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