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Clean Beauty Myths BUSTED!

Clean Beauty Myths BUSTED!

  We’ve heard them all! Gone are the days of natural beauty products under-performing, looking un-inspiring and anything but glamorous. These days, there are a wealth of amazing makeup, skincare and haircare products out there that are anything but the stereotypical 'natural' product. Here are some of the most common misconceptions about clean beauty products.


They don’t perform

False! They absolutely do! Natural makeup can mean complete coverage, longevity and a superior finish. Natural doesn’t necessarily mean “natural looking.” These days there is an abundance of technology in the creation of natural makeup products. The ingredients are trialled, tested (on humans only!) and purposeful. Many natural makeup products even contain skincare and skin benefiting ingredients to ensure that when you take your makeup off, your skin is still in good condition! Natural skincare products pack a punch when it comes to active ingredients that work towards improving specific skin concerns. Natural skincare is often a much more potent delivery of quality ingredients as the products are without synthetics, fillers and other chemicals. Hair care has come a long way in the natural beauty world, there are highly effective and quality products for hydration, volume, and colour maintenance. Not to mention an array of styling products for frizz, curl definition, hold and texturizing. There are good and bad performing products in both the natural and mainstream beauty worlds. Find the right natural products for you and you’ll never look back.


They are too expensive

Natural and organic products are not any higher in price than the same type of products in the mainstream beauty world. Don’t believe us? Come into our store or online store and make the comparison yourself. With clean products, you are getting more quality ingredients that are active and beneficial so by going clean, you are actually getting a more quality product and therefore much better value for the same amount of money.


The makeup colours are strange

Again, this one may have come from the days where there were limited natural makeup lines and therefore limited colour selection. Clean makeup lines offer a wide range of colours, coverage options and finishes when it comes to foundation selection. Check out the extensive colour range of Alima Pure and Au Naturale foundations for example. For more proof that natural makeup doesn’t mean boring colours, take a look at the Nu Evolution lipstick and lip gloss range. The colours are varied and vibrant!


They smell funny

Nope! Take a sniff of the Hush + Dotti foundation next time you’re in-store and tell us if you still believe this one. Natural products smell fresh and real, often containing subtle hints of essential oils and other plant extracts and herbs beneficial to the skin. If your mainstream product smells the same as your bottle of big name perfume, we wouldn’t suggest putting it on your face! Artificial fragrance and healthy skin usually don’t go hand-in-hand.


They look boring

Ummmm, check out the likes of Prim Botanicals, Dedcool and Habit Cosmetics and then get back to us!   Have you heard any other clean beauty myths? Let’s bust ‘em! Written by Erin Norden, Founder of CBM
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